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Update - Version 2.27

See below for an Overview, Release Notes, Whats New for the latest Platform updates.


Version 2.27 introduces several new security and data access control capabilities and fixes for known problems.

What's New

View the PDF New Features deck of what is new in this release.

Excel Output for Submission Reports

Version 2.26 introduced the Submission Report, in which all information about a submission can be displayed for reference or printing, with options to alter the density of the information for lengthy information, such as large orders, many line items, etc. Version 2.27 now adds the ability to export this Submission report information to an Excel spreadsheet, with individual tabs for line item data.

Contact Selection Field - Form Access Controls

Restricted Access to submissions based on Organization selections (e.g., by Supplier or Client) has been a foundational element of XOflow data access. We now introduce the ability to restrict access based on Contact Selection fields. This capability now allows submissions to be limited to selected Users or Teams. Use cases could include employee evaluations, suggestions, etc. Contact selections can be paired with Organization selections to provide for a complex data access model.

Form Component ​References included in Related Form Fields

The Related Form field type allows for related submissions to be evaluated and displayed within a submission. Previously, the relationships displayed were restricted to form-level relationships (Cross Reference, etc.). This new capability allows Form Component level relationships to also be configured and used for Related Forms display.  Cross Reference fields on form component line items would then also be evaluated for Related Forms field display on parent submissions.

Release Notes

Detailed Release Notes are available in this PDF document.

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