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Features > Access, Security
and Onboarding Users

XOflow provides you with a secure business platform which requires granting access to Users before they can access information and perform work. 


Your organization can manage Users directly as well as all Security Policy settings the system enforces.

User Onboarding is simplified with User Account Requests.  For non-users requiring access to your systems, such as new team members or new supplier staff, they simply use the Request an Account option from the Login page. User administrators receive an alert when a new request is received and can create a New User from a legitimate Request.

Security settings can also be managed to meet your organization's specific Security and Password Policies.

  • Access is controlled by secure Login and Privileges that you assign to your Users

  • Account Requests allow non-users to quickly and easily request an account for access.

    • Account Requests are quickly turned into new Users by your administrators, simplifying onboarding.

  • Users can be manually created by your Administrators, without a Request.

  • Passwords are maintained in a secure, non-decryptable format.

  • Password Policy - complexity, expiration, and reuse - is fully configurable and enforced to ensure maximum security of your system.

  • Privileges control access to and operation of major functionality within the system, which you control.

  • Data Access security is embedded into Form configuration and applies throughout the

  • system.

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