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How It Works

Simple enough to enable regular team members to easily and rapidly develop Work Management applications yet broad and deep enough to support a broad variety of use cases. XOflow maintains a balance between ease-of-use and complexity. 


This overview highlights many of the main features of the XOflow platform which enable rich work management applications and information repositories to be built and deployed by your business teams directly or with assistance from your business analysts or IT department.



Define the structure of your business and your partners

Your business naturally has an infrastructure of customers, suppliers, staff roles, groups, teams, and more. Defining this organizational structure and how each plays a part forms a foundation for your XOflow applications.



Define the information you collect and manage in your process

A Form is the foundation for any work management application in XOflow. Forms represent your business concepts and their information, collected and augmented through their life cycles. Forms can have Workflow defined to represent process, or can be for Record Only and simply represent a record of information.



Define how information flows in and outside your business

If Forms reflect the content of your work, its life is reflected by Workflows. Workflows give process to your information, both internal and external to your team, reflecting, enforcing and standardizing your business process and its rules. Workflows are configured specific to a Form and can be altered as you business needs change. 



Report on all information you collect and manage across the system

XOflow provides flexible and complete access to all of your information, from nearly every point in the system.


Access & Onboarding

Quickly onboard new users and manage user access yourself

XOflow provides you with a secure business platform which requires granting access to Users before they can access information and perform work. Your organization can manage Users directly as well as all Security Policy settings the system enforces.


Audit & Logging

Have complete visibility to user's actions and the information they change

Visibility into your system's usage and health is valuable in any information system. ​Knowing what data has changed, by whom, and when assists in troubleshooting issues and having audit ability. For enterprise organizations and growing businesses, access to audit and visibility is very important. 


System Integration

Connect with other systems or partners to integrate your business

Your business is not an island. Your business systems do not operate in isolation. XOflow provides multiple options for connecting your work management to your existing systems, whether you need to integrate to your internal information systems or connect with your partners (customers, suppliers).


Uptime & Support

Ensure that your business is secure and stays up and running

XOflow is a well-supported enterprise-grade platform with the ​hosting and data access security that you require to meet your compliance and risk management requirements. Growing businesses with the goal to scale and establish confidence with their customers will benefit from the security and availability of this platform. The threat landscape is changing faster than ever. 


Let's explore how XOflow can assist you in solving your needs and meeting your requirements.

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