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Your Organization

Your business naturally has an infrastructure of customers, suppliers, staff roles, groups, teams, and more. Defining this organizational structure and how each plays a part forms a foundation for your XOflow applications.



Roles are the hats people wear - like Customer, Supplier, Accounting, Procurement. Roles are used in XOflow to provide or limit access to areas of the system (forms), and specific information (fields). 


Organizations are the companies, departments, groups that people are affiliated with or for whom you do business. Organizations are associated with a Role and can have Users. Organizations can be hierarchical.  Access to information can be limited based on Organization - e.g., a Supplier only has access to that Supplier's Orders.



Users are individuals that log in and participate in your business processes online. Users are associated with a Role and an Organization. Users can be limited by which Organizations and other information they have Access to - e.g., only Requests from several customers, or only Orders designated North America.


Contacts are those individuals who do not participate n the system but whom you need to reference contact information or send email correspondence to. Contacts can be Onboarded into Users easily for future expansion.



Teams are groups of Users that together perform common tasks or manage work. 

All of this infrastructure can be configured and managed using XOflow and can be used to enforce and ensure the consistency of your unique business rules and engagement approach. This infrastructure can be changed as your business evolves or as you expand your system to meet new opportunities.

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