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Visibility to Usage and Health

Visibility into your system's usage and health is valuable in any information system. ​Knowing what data has changed, by whom, and when assists in troubleshooting issues and having audit ability. For enterprise organizations and growing businesses, access to audit and visibility is very important. 


​The Activity Log records all activities throughout the system - from user access, security events, and user account changes - to configuration and management changes - to user activity - to background processes and software errors. All Activity Log information is available to your administrators to search and review. 

Form Submission History on every Form shows all activities related to a submission - when it was created and by whom, who viewed it, who took action on it, who closed it - and any email activity, both outbound and inbound, against that submission. This history is organized by when it occurred in Workflow so that its entire life can easily be reviewed as needed. Data Change History on every submission provides visibility to what information was changed, by whom, and when. Troubleshooting and audit becomes much easier with this detailed history of information changing as work is being performed, especially when changes are made inadvertently or incorrectly. ​

Outbound and inbound Mail Logs record all email messages from and to the system as well as their relationship to Form submission information. Inbound mail is matched to user submissions for automatic response to appropriate users. Outbound mail status, as well as inbound matching status against existing submissions, can be searched and reviewed. Unmatched emails (such as out-of-office responders or unexpected email messages) can be reviewed and forwarded to individuals as appropriate.

An embedded Error Handling system logs all errors and exceptions, both server and client-side (browser JavaScript). All software problems are recorded and automatically sent via email to XOflow's support team for rapid coordination with your team and proactive remediation. Screen Performance logging can be enabled to provide diagnostic information on every screen access in the system, by User, recording how long server processing, client-side processing, and even transport time (estimated) required. This can assist in troubleshooting performance issues on specific users, physical locations, or network segments, allowing for visibility into problematic network connections or users with specific performance problems. 

  • Activity Logging records all activities throughout the system, both user activity and system processes.

  • Form Submission History shows when and by whom submissions are created, viewed, acted upon, closed as well as the history of any outbound or inbound emails related to the submission. 

  • Data Change History gives your users visibility into information changed, by whom, and when.

  • Outbound and Inbound Mail Logs record all email activity both outbound from and inbound to the system.

  • Error Tracking logs and alerts support of errors when they occur, for rapid follow-up and remediation.

  • Screen Performance metrics allow troubleshooting server, network, and browser performance issues.

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