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Benefits of a Digital
Transformation with XOflow

Transforming your existing work management and business processes from Excel or point-solution products may enable significant benefits to your project and organization. Getting started should not be painful. XOflow is built to get you to meaningful ROI and low TCO as quickly as possible.


Turn-Key. Get things moving quickly.

The work of budgeting for and provisioning servers and databases to support applications is complicated and time consuming. Regular staff often have to initiate lengthy IT projects to acquire new products, servers, and storage.

XOflow is a completely turn-key platform which provides all of the hosting resources needed – firewalls, application servers, databases, file storage, security systems and monitoring, data backups – so your staff can focus on your solution rather than IT provisioning.


Fit & Adaptable. Pivot quickly when needed.

You need a solution which you can directly tailor and modify over time to meet your exact informational and process needs rather than be limited by one-size-fits-all software products or waiting for software development requests to be completed.

XOflow empowers your business team or project analyst to construct exact solutions to your business information and business process needs and adapt quickly when those needs change. You have full control to configure the precise information you gather, any business processes that information moves through, when process work becomes late or critical, and even who has access to what information.


Centralized. Unite your related work and information.

Businesses are often challenged with de-centralized information and processes. Software applications do not talk to one another well, if at all. Teams using spreadsheets to manage work are creating rogue, isolated applications in their own right. Technology leaders have little control and visibility over and cannot effectively leverage these pockets of de-centralized applications.

XOflow provides a centralized approach to managing many different work management applications and repositories of information throughout a team, business unit, or organization. With the ability to create not one, but numerous applications, and with the ability to tie applications together logically where they connect, XOflow offers technology leadership the ability to secure, oversee and leverage this information throughout the organization more readily.


Security. Protect your work from today's threats.

In today’s growing threat environment, security of your information and your systems is critical. Downtime due to an attack or loss of information from a breach presents insurmountable damage to your operations.

XOflow is enterprise grade with security implemented at every level. User activity is fully controlled with secure authentication and enforced system privileges. All user activities and data changes are logged for your visibility. All XOflow sites have isolated hosting, execution, and data storage environments. Our data center is armed with Intrusion Detection and monitored by a 24x7 Security Operation Center (SOC) in a world class data center facility. We take your security seriously.


Agility. Get to effective solutions faster.

Your team’s ability to rapidly address emerging needs and pivot away from under-supported or poorly fit solutions is important to your business efficiency and agility.

XOflow addresses this need for agility by allowing your teams to rapidly try out and deploy new work management ideas and connect solutions together where they interact. Solutions can be constructed in minutes or hours, literally in the course of a conference call, and modified quickly to apply feedback from the team.


Oversight. Know where your work is... and isn't.

Businesses that are growing and successful have real-time visibility to their information and to the work that is being done. Managing work in process means having visibility and being able to act quickly to solve issues and proactively prevent problems and delays.

XOflow is a work-in-process management platform that not only provides real-time oversight to process but also allows you to define how long task assignments should take, when they become late or critical, and who is engaged when performance becomes an issue. Reporting gives insight into well your processes are moving, what changes could use improvement, or whether changes are making a difference.


Consistency. Leverage user familiarity to run smoothly.

Business users benefit from consistency to reduce training time, improve speed and efficiency, and minimize data entry errors. Consistency can improve employee output and satisfaction. Lack of consistent ways of managing information and work causes problems and leads to unnecessary distractions.

XOflow addresses consistency by presenting standardized and auto-generated data entry, form layouts, task handling screens and work-in-process dashboards. Whether you deploy one XOflow application or 50, your users will benefit from a consistent user experience across them all.


Integrity. Keep your information clean, correct and intact.

Integrity of your information, especially in your key business processes, is critical. Excel spreadsheets do not enforce the quality or structure of what is typed into cells. Loose and unstructured information is not consistent or dependable for reporting. Knowing when and what information was changed can be valuable.

With over 30 different configurable “field types” to choose from, XOflow enables you to be specific about how information is entered and stored and ensures correctness at the source. Validating required entries, auto populating information when possible, enforcing ranges and supporting consistent pre-defined selections or references reduces data entry error and ensures long-term integrity and consistency of your information. Logging all information changes that users make allows for solving complicated problems in very short time.


Engaging. Productive, engaged users are better workers.

Business users encounter a very wide variety of user experiences, both good and not so good: with ease of use, flexibility, reliability, and meaningful engagement. Poor user experiences cause challenges in learning, daily use, and solving issues when time is of the essence. Poor or lacking technology solutions lead to employee dissatisfaction.

XOflow is a platform built with end-users in mind. As a platform that allows regular, non-technical business users the ability to configure their own solutions, we built it from the ground up to be easy-to-use, approachable, and intuitive. Since regular users are deploying applications to other regular users, it is also built to be prescriptive, consistent, and engaging. XOflow maximizes your engagement with your users - whether they are your staff, your customers, your suppliers, or your senior management.


Protection. Keep information on a need-to-know basis.

Every business has sensitive or confidential information which should only be available to certain individuals. Engaging your customers and your suppliers in your business online enables significant gains but necessitates that you have fine control over access to information, engagement in process and 

XOflow allows you to precisely define what roles of users have access to which information and enforces these access controls system-wide: on screen, through reporting, and even in API-based system integrations. Your information can be confidently secured on a need-to-know or time-to-act basis. Any data changes to your information are logged so you can see who changed what and when.


Reliability. Prevent downtime and information loss.

Downtime as a result of accidental information loss, software problems and system outages prevents your business from moving ahead efficiently and makes your staff less than productive.

XOflow’s no-code configuration approach to application building and deployment means that you are not writing code that may fail – you are configuring tested, field-proven software that supports wide variations in what you build but is still solid and reliable to keep you up and running. Data is stored in reliable, structured databases rather than documents or spreadsheets which can be inadvertently modified or shared with the wrong people. Frequent backups mean that, even in an emergency, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.


Collaborative. Best solutions are closest to the problem.

Problem solutioning is improved when it is a team-based initiative. Those closest to the business problem often have the experience and subject matter understanding to contribute to the best-fit solution. Technology change leads to friction and frustration, especially when needs are not adequately interpreted and remain only partially solved. 

XOflow addresses this need for team collaboration and contribution by allowing configuration of your solution at the level that is closest to the business problem, often within your business units and teams. While business analysts may assist in the solutioning process, by empowering your teams with the right tools to model and deploy their own solutions, you maximize best-fit, buy in, and acceptance.


Let's explore how XOflow can assist you in solving your needs and meeting your requirements.

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