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Features > Platform Uptime, Support, and Security

XOflow is a well-supported enterprise-grade platform with the ​hosting and data access security that you require to meet your compliance and risk management requirements. 


Growing businesses with the goal to scale and establish confidence with their customers will benefit from the security and availability of this platform. The threat landscape is changing faster than ever. As Work Management applications are often dealing with your important business process and information, you should not have to worry that is will be unavailable or compromised.

All XOflow deployments are hosted in a dedicated, private cloud environment. Each customer (or deployment) is isolated from all others in execution and storage. This level of isolation means that your information and processing are compartmentalized and independent of the activities of other organizations. 

XOflow's data center operations are protected and monitored by security hardware, software, and human systems including advanced encryption, intrusion detection (IDS), and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). An industry-leading 24x7 security operations center (SOC) monitors all systems for threat indicators including unauthorized access, scans, and payloads; and monitors all logs on a regular basis.

Data backups to encrypted storage are performed every four (4) hours on production sites, allowing for low recovery point objectives (RPO). All servers are virtualized and periodically imaged allowing for rapid recovery time objectives (RTO). Security updates to the hardware and systems are performed frequently to reduce threat exposure.

Automated error reporting to XOflow support staff results in rapid and proactive response and remediation to system failures and software faults. The team maintains records of system configurations and updates as well as historical records of all software changes, planned and unplanned downtime, security incidents, and recurring system issues to ensure that best practice compliance is maintained.

Uptime and health monitoring are conducted in real-time from an industry-leading provider from servers globally. Support staff are notified within minutes of any unexpected outages or service failures.

  • Dedicated, Private Cloud data center​ environment

  • Isolated customer deployments in process execution and storage

  • 24x7 leading Security Operation Center (SOC) monitoring, response, and escalation

  • Secure data backups, every 4 hours on Production sites​

  • Frequent patching and security updates on all hardware and software systems

  • Automated error reporting to XOflow support staff for rapid response on both server and client issues

  • Best practice documentation of all system configuration, updates, downtime, and security incidents.

  • Uptime and health monitoring from a leading provider with dozens of global monitoring servers.

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