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Access to Your Information

XOflow provides flexible and complete access to all of your information, from nearly every point in the system.


Reporting is key to any Work Management approach, especially when you are managing complex business process. In XOflow, any user can be enabled for reporting for access to the information that is relevant and accessible to them. Data access controls prevent users from gaining access to information they have not been provided access to. 

  • Search for any current or historic submissions from any Dashboard using any information in those submissions.

  • Export information from nearly any listing in the system - such as Contacts, Organizations, etc. - directly from that list. Output to Excel, your clipboard, a printable PDF, and more.

  • Perform Advanced Searches with detailed criteria, save them for use later, and share them with other users.

  • Define Report Templates which can be emailed or viewed on screen, inserting branding, images, file links, and information placeholders to completely customize your layout.

  • Self-Service Analytics coupled with XOflow's Data Warehouse allow for rich visualizations to be developed and published as reports and dashboards.

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