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Think Beyond Limitations


Build best-fit business applications, without the code

XOflow empowers you to configure web-based business solutions, quickly and easily. Tried-and-tested, configurable building blocks let you tailor to the unique needs of your operations. With a “no-code” approach to business applications, XOflow offers agility and adaptability when changes are required and new opportunities arise. With rich built-in capabilities such as task handling, collaboration, oversight, auditing, security, and reporting, XOflow empowers you to focus on your business instead of your technology challenges.


Beyond Excel – Beyond Software Development

Your business performs and manages work, and that work comes in many forms. No two businesses do work exactly the same. Ideal work management solutions are often unavailable. Without the right technology tools, staff build their own solutions with what they have and know – most often Excel and Outlook. If the work is critical, organizations may make purchases of point-solutions, or invest in lengthy, resource-intensive software projects.

XOflow bridges this gap, providing the best of both worlds: ease-of-use, speed, and flexibility for the business unit to solve their own problems -- combined with the quality, richness, and depth of a business-grade platform.

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XOflow - Work Management Application Platform

XOflow is a "no-code" development and deployment platform optimized for "work management" applications, where information collection and business process are critical, especially across the customer and supplier value chain.

XOflow is built to enable non-technical business users - those closest to the business problem - to quickly configure, try out, and deploy rich information management and business process applications. XOflow has the simplicity to hand to non-technical teams, with the depth to engage your value chain, in an enterprise-grade, turn-key package. ​Read more about how XOflow transforms Work Processes...

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Time-Proven with Industry Leaders

XOflow is field-proven with over 10 years of experience at leading companies in financial services, payment card fulfillment, and government services. With high-volume, high-user, mission-critical applications ranging from non-standard procurement to supplier fulfillment, to call center operations, XOflow enables these companies with the agility, flexibility, and reliability they require in order to be innovative and manage their business effectively. 


Benefits of a Digital
Transformation with XOflow

XOflow’s “no code” configuration approach to transforming your business processes offers significant benefits to working teams, technology staff and the organization itself. From turn-key setup to the agility, engagement and oversight teams enjoy later, XOflow makes digital transformation rapidly attainable. A faster path to ROI, lower lifetime TCO and increased business velocity make XOflow an easily justifiable technology investment.

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XOflow, from

XOflow is a product of, a leading innovator in intelligent robotic process automation (RPA), document processing, and no-code application platforms. puts the #HumanInTheLoop.’s revolutionary app-based intelligent automation platform turbo-charges productivity, transforms complex processes, and helps your teams unleash their creativity and innovation.

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Let's explore how XOflow can assist you in solving your needs and meeting your requirements.

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