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Think Beyond Limitations

Build best-fit business applications,
without the code XOflow empowers you to configure your own best-fit web-delivered business solutions, quickly and easily. Tried-and-tested, configurable building blocks let you tailor to the unique needs of your operations. 

XOflow’s “no code” configuration approach to business applications offers significant agility - ease of adaptation when new opportunities arise or when change is required. 

With rich built-in capabilities such as task handling, collaboration, oversight, auditing, security, and reporting, XOflow empowers you to focus on your business instead of your technology challenges.

Beyond Excel – Beyond Software Development

Your business performs and manages work, and that work comes in many forms. No two businesses do work exactly the same. Ideal work management solutions are often unavailable.

Without the right technology tools, staff build their own solutions with what they have and know – most often Excel and Outlook. If the work is critical, organizations may make purchases of point-solution software products, or invest in lengthy, resource-intensive software projects.

XOflow bridges this gap, providing the best of both worlds: ease-of-use, speed, and flexibility for the business unit to solve their own problems -- combined with the quality, richness, and depth of a business-grade platform.


Best Fit in a World of Change

Every business has unique information and processes that off-the-shelf solutions cannot adequately anticipate or accommodate.

Businesses are always under pressure to adapt, and must innovate and pivot quickly to keep pace in the midst of organizational change and evolving opportunities.

XOflow addresses this fundamental need to tailor your solutions to your unique business environment, 

these fundamental needs to differentiate  and adapt quickly by enabling rapid changes and expansion of your unique, self-managed business applications.

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Turn your Work Ideas into Solid Business Applications

Work can be generalized as information, the flow of information between your staff and partners, and all of things that happen along the way. 

With 30+ “field types”, XOflow allows nearly any  business information to be presented, collected, and stored using rich web-based Forms your team easily manages. Information can be highly structured and can have access restrictions at form and field levels.

While some of your information may be for record or reference, other information reflects your process. Individuals, teams, and partners can all be engaged - providing information and moving work along. Dashboards give each user a view and status of the work in process they are responsible for. 

At any time, all of your information is available to you. Users only have access to what you give them access to.

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Meaningful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about creating timely, meaningful gains in the way your business works.

Enabling you to collaborate, construct, and deploy best-fit business solutions at the point of the problem results in real gains:

  • faster, consistent solutioning for needs;

  • reduced time in information handling and reporting;

  • reduced noise and friction;

  • improved visibility to work in process;

  • improved communication and productivity. 

Doing this with an enterprise-grade platform enables your organization to have control, oversight, and access to all of your information and processes. Confidently meet your security and risk requirements, engage outside partners, and converge information and related business areas. 

XOflow empowers digital transformation on an entirely new level.

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Low TCO and Positive ROI

XOflow removes the need for lengthy searches for potentially insufficient products or engaging in resource-consuming software development initiatives. Rapidly turn needs and ideas into best-fit solid business applications.

At a much lower lifetime cost than traditional approaches, XOflow provides a full service solution: enterprise-grade hosting and storage, 24x7 security monitoring, audit controls, and high system availability.

What previously required expensive, constrained resources to build and maintain or provision, now can be achieved in a fraction of the schedule and at lower risk than before, producing a return on investment that can be justified.

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Avelino Leal
American Express

XOflow has allowed us to transition from complex and hard to manage desktop database solutions for our project management needs to a robust online solution, available to our team globally. Projects and reporting are now much easier to distribute and manage than ever before.

Sherri Sturlaugson
US Bank

XOflow has allowed us to move away from complex and time consuming management of our business in Excel to a very easy-to-use Inventory oversight and order management capability, shared with our key supplier and always up-to-date with the latest information.

James Branton

In a large, complex and unique project environment, XOflow has allowed us to repeatedly and rapidly address evolving business requests and requirements with the oversight and auditing that we need to meet our government customer's requirements. When COVID impacted us, XOflow enabled us to rapidly adapt to exposure tracking and stay-at-home worker needs. 

Clients Speak

Testimonials are mockups of actual use cases - to be coordinated and approved with customers before publishing.

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