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Update - Version 2.26

See below for an Overview, Release Notes, Whats New for the latest Platform updates.


Version 2.26 is largely a QA release that fixes a number of identified issues and known problems. It also introduces several low-impact improvements to the XOflow system. 

What's New

View the PDF New Features deck of what is new in this release.

Text Templates for Text Fields

Text fields (both Text Line and Text Area) allow for establishing default values. Now, Text fields support establishing "templates" with automatic insertion of field information to automatically populate a Text field, editable or read-only. Additionally, for referential fields such as Organization selections and Cross References, field data within the related entry can be specified, e.g., from a field within the Organization record. This referential information can be specified to any depth needed.

Organization and Cross Reference Filtering

Configuration of an Organization Selection or Cross Reference field allows for limited filtering (e.g., Organization based on Parent Organization selection). These fields now support the selection of Cross Reference or Selection List fields to limit the availability of entries relative to the form's data entry. This could be used, for example, to limit the Organization selection based on a selection list of the type or capabilities of the target organization.   

Printable Submission Report Options

The Printable Submission Report introduced in version 2.25 has been improved to offer Options available to the user for how the report will be displayed and how much information will be present, allowing for tailoring to the user's specific needs. An Options area at the top of this report now allows lengthy information to be listed online (vertically) or grouped (horizontally). Additionally, Form Component listings can be listed with Key Reference fields separate from other fields. Tabs and Listings can be enabled or disabled to improve information output, report length, and density.

Release Notes

Detailed Release Notes are available in this PDF document.

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